How To Apply, Check Kohl’s Credit Card Application Status?

Kohl’s is one of the leading retail chains with stores throughout the United States. Plus, they have their exclusive credit card, Kohl’s Credit Card. It is an excellent way to save money on every purchase Kohls. The card offers discounts of up to 30%! Moreover, cardholders get perks like free shipping and early access to sales.

Thus, users might want to consider applying for their credit card. But before proceeding, it is crucial to understand the terms and conditions. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about Kohl’s Credit Card Application. So without any further ado, let’s begin. 

How To Apply For Kohl’s Credit Card? 

Users must have a credit score of 640 or above to be eligible for the application process. The approval process is lighting-fast and can take less than a minute in some cases! With the help of our step-by-step guide, users can claim their Kohl’s credit card in no time. 

  • Launch your browser and navigate to
  • Scroll down and click on Apply For a Kohl’s Card.apply kohls credit card
  • Read the Consent To Electronic Disclosure, and select Continue.

accept consent

  • Enter the required data in the application form.
  • fill mykohls card form details
  • Verify your identity and income.verify income
  • Review your application and application
  • Wait for confirmation from Kohl’s.mykohls card wait


After submitting your application, Kohl’s will review the application. The good news is that, in most cases, the approval process takes as little as one minute. 

How To Check Kohl’s Credit Card Application Status? 

If someone has recently applied for Kohl’s credit card, they must be wondering about the application status. Firstly, applicants can visit Kohl’s credit card website for login with their account. The application status should be visible on the main page after logging in. However, if the application status is not visible, applicants must contact Kohl’s customer service at (855) 564-5748 or (800) 564-5740.

Unfortunately, Kohl’s has no online tool for checking the application status. Applicants should also check their emails since Kohl’s responds via mail for rejected applications. Usually, Kohl’s responds within 7-8 days. However, it can also take up to 30 days in some instances. Once the application gets approved, Kohl’s emails the credit card within ten days. 

How Do I Reactivate My Closed Kohl’s, Credit Card? 

Kohl’s support team does its best to ensure our customers are satisfied. Therefore we make the process simpler. Hence, call 1-800-564-5740, describe your issue, and we will reschedule you as early as possible. Rest depends upon the reasons and methods of your scientific closure. 

How Do I Dispute a Charge On My Kohl’s Credit Card?

Capital One is our support team for such cases. Therefore, to dispute a charge, you can visit our website or mail. The easiest way is to mail it to Capital One( Kohl support team). 

Below-mentioned is our mailing address:

Capital One Disputes,

P.O. Box 30279,

Salt Lake City,

Utah 84130-0279

Eligibility Criteria For Kohl’s Credit Card

To qualify for Kohl’s credit card application, the applicant must fulfill the eligibility criteria. Firstly, the applicant must have a minimum credit score of 640. They must be at least 18 years old and US residents. Kohl’s requires social security number and personal information for verification purposes. Thus, applicants must enter the necessary data in the application form carefully. Lastly, applicants can check whether they pre-qualify for Kohl’s credit by visiting the official website.

Kohl’s Credit Card is an excellent option for saving money at Kohl’s. Plus, cardholders get unbeatable discounts, perks, and rewards. However, applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria for Kohl’s credit card. The approval process is fast, and applicants can claim their credit card in just a few steps. With this comprehensive guide, users can apply for Kohl’s credit card with confidence and enjoy its benefits in no time.

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