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If you shop at Kohl’s often, you may know their rewards program, MyKohlsCard Rewards. This program provides cardholders with various perks, including special discounts, free delivery, and the option to earn rewards points that can be used for future purchases. In this article, we’ll explore how MyKohlsCard Rewards works, its benefits, and how you can maximize your savings with the program.

How MyKohlsCard Rewards Work? 

MyKohlsCard Rewards is a program exclusively for Kohl’s credit cardholders. The program has three levels based on how much you spend at Kohl’s annually: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To reach the Silver level, you must spend at least $0-$599 at Kohls’s in a calendar year. To get the Gold level, you must pay $600-$1,199, and to reach the Platinum level, you must spend $1,200 or more.

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Once you reach a certain spending threshold, you’ll be automatically upgraded to the next level and receive additional benefits. For example, at the Silver level, you’ll receive a birthday gift and the ability to earn 5% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase. At the Gold level, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Silver level, plus free shipping events and the ability to earn 6% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase. Finally, at the Platinum level, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Silver and Gold levels, plus free daily shipping and the ability to earn 7% Kohl’s Cash on every purchase.

To earn rewards points with MyKohlsCard Rewards, you must use your Kohl’s credit card to purchase at Kohl’s. You will get one point for every $1 spent. Once you’ve earned 100 points, you’ll receive $5 in rewards, which can be used on a future purchase.

Maximizing MyKohlsCard Rewards

Now that you understand how MyKohlsCard Rewards works let’s explore how you can maximize your savings with the program.

First and foremost, you must use your Kohl’s credit card every time you shop at Kohl’s. This will ensure you earn rewards points on every purchase, which can add up quickly. Furthermore, keep track of your expenditures and progress toward the next level. Once you reach a new level, you will automatically receive additional benefits, such as increased Kohl’s Cash earnings and free shipping.

Another way to maximize savings with MyKohlsCard Rewards is to take advantage of promotional events. Kohl’s often offers special promotions, such as 30% off for cardholders, during specific times of the year. To save money, watch for these specials and arrange your shopping excursions appropriately.

In addition to using your Kohl’s credit card and taking advantage of promotional events, you can maximize your savings using the Kohl’s app. The app has several features, including the opportunity to monitor your reward points and access amazing deals. You can also use the app to shop online, which can be more convenient than visiting a physical store.

Finally, be sure to redeem your reward points effectively. When you have enough rewards to make a purchase, be strategic about what you buy. Search for things that are on sale or clearance to maximize your benefits. To save even more, combine your points with additional discounts, such as coupons or promo codes.

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Steps to Check My Kohl’s Rewards Balance

If you are a Kohl’s cardholder and participate in the My Kohl’s Rewards program, you may wonder how to check your rewards balance. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to Kohl’s website ( and click the “Kohl’s Rewards” tab at the top.
  • Sign in to your Kohl’s account. If you haven’t created an account yet, you must do so first.
  • Upon signing in, your rewards balance should be visible on the Kohl’s Rewards website. This will display the number of reward points you have earned and their monetary value.
  • You can also check your rewards balance on the Kohl’s app. Sign in to your Kohl’s account and download the app on your mobile device. Your rewards balance should be displayed on the app’s home screen.
  • You can also check your rewards balance by calling Kohl’s customer service at 1-855-564-5705. Provide your Kohl’s card number and other identifying information when prompted, and the customer service representative should be able to tell you your rewards balance.

You can check your Kohl’s rewards balance and see how many reward points you have earned by following these instructions. This data may help you plan your purchases and maximize your rewards. Know more about credit card by visiting this page login

Pros & Cons

Let’s go over the advantages and disadvantages! 


  1. Upon obtaining the Kohl’s card, you will receive a generous 35% discount on your initial purchase.
  2. Benefit from a minimum of 12 unique discount offers annually as a Kohl’s cardholder.
  3. If your spending on the Kohl’s card exceeds $600, you will be recognized as a Most Valued Customer and presented with 18 annual discounts.
  4. Install the app on your mobile device and login into your Kohl’s account. You may increase your earnings by registering in Kohl’s Cash rewards program and the Yes2You rewards program.
  5. Applying for a Kohl’s card is easy and can be done online or in-store. You can also receive an instant discount on your purchase when you apply for the card.
  6. Using a Kohl’s card can be more convenient than carrying cash or using a different credit card. You can easily track your purchases and rewards points, as well as pay your bill online.
  7. Rest assured, no annual fees are associated with having a Kohl’s card.


  1. The interest rate on Kohl’s card is relatively high compared to other credit cards. If you carry debt on your credit card, you may wind up spending more in interest than you save in discounts and points.
  2. Late fees and penalties may apply if you skip a payment or make a late payment on your Kohl’s card. These fees may soon build up and cancel out the card’s advantages.
  3. The Kohl’s card can only be used at Kohl’s stores and on the Kohl’s website. If you prefer to shop at other retailers or online stores, you may need a different credit card.
  4. Because Kohl’s card offers discounts and rewards, it can be tempting to overspend to earn more rewards or take advantage of discounts. This can lead to debt and financial problems if you’re not careful.

Overall, the Kohl’s card can be a valuable tool for saving money and earning rewards at Kohl’s stores. But, it’s critical to be aware of the card’s possible downsides, such as high-interest rates and late penalties, and to use it carefully. If you shop at Kohl’s frequently and can pay off your balance in full each month, the Kohl’s card can be a great way to save money and earn rewards.

MyKohlsCard Rewards is a valuable program for frequent Kohl’s shoppers. Using your Kohl’s credit card and taking advantage of promotional events, you can earn rewards points and save money on future purchases. Additionally, the program offers exclusive discounts and free shipping benefits, which can add up quickly and help you stretch your budget further. While there are potential drawbacks and limitations to the rewards program, it’s still a valuable tool for those who frequently shop at Kohl’s. You can optimize your savings and get the most out of MyKohlsCard Rewards by following our advice.

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