Login – Kohls Credit Card Login, Payment, Customer Service Guide

Are you a new user to mykohlscard and want to know how to login, register, activate mykohlscard account ? Then you must follow this article to gain the required knowledge.

With so many questions in mind, there would be several confusions also regarding it. Here’s where I have covered you all information about login, register, payment and so on. I am using mykohlscard from last 3 years, so I have more hands on experience on trying different things. 

What is MyKohlsCard? login

Before knowing the steps to activate and access, you must properly understand its role. The MyKohlsCard.Com is a retail credit card that Capital One issues. Some people also address it as a “Kohl’s Charge” card.

You can get this card by applying to Once the card is issued, it can be used online and in-store at Kohl’s. Although it has a high variable APR, no annual fee system exists. You can move the remaining balance from one month to the next quickly. Plus, there is no need to pay any interest, which helps to save money.

When you use mykohlscard at Kohl’s, you can save up to 10% of the money you will spend on purchases. In addition, you get free shipping along with several benefits. So, you will save from both ends. You may use the savings to buy something more or keep it to yourself.

As a mykohlscharge credit card holder, you can manage your account from the MyKohlscard website online. The website is open round the clock, so you can check the account details and make the required changes anywhere. It will reduce your fuss of physically visiting any offices or professionals regarding it.

The customer service of Kohl credit card is really good and quick. You can easily connect with them manage their accounts online. This credit card has a high variable APR but does not have an annual fee. So, consumers can move the balance from one month to another without paying interest.

How To Access login Portal ?

Will it be difficult for you to manage your MyKohlsCard from the website? If so, then you must know that my kohls card is a beginner-friendly website.

You can easily access your MyKohlsCard by logging into the website. There you will have to complete a basic registration process for further access. After completing this, you can sign in on its homepage to conduct other work.

Here are the following steps that will help you complete the login process:

  • You can go to the official website. You can see the Sign In button on the top right side of the website. Hit the login button. login login
  • When you enter, type your username and password.
  • Next, you can click the Sign In button.
  • After submitting the username and password, you will be logged in to the portal and able to see the dashboard.

You have completed the Login process, and everything is ready to manage your account. login account overview

ServicesRetail credit cards
CountryUnited State Of America
Credit Card Issued ByCapital One

What are the requirements to access or log into My kohls card Account?

Before you begin the registration and login process, you must fulfill all the basic requirements before moving ahead. To help you with it, we have listed all the needs that are as follows:

  • My kohls credit card’s official website URL
  • A valid Username and Password.
  • An updated browser to access the official site.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • A laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a PC, laptop, or smartphone.
  • After understanding everything you need to complete the login, you must know about the process of mykohlscard com activation (

Step-By-Step Guide to Activate My Kohl’s Card Account Online?

After the login part comes the registration process, which will help you become a MyKohlsCard Account holder, it will help you manage the card online. To register your MyKohlsCard Account Online, you need to complete the following simple steps listed below. 

  • You need to select any updated browser on your available device
  • In the browser, type and go to the kohls Charge Login homepage.
  • On the page, click on “Register Now.”
  • It will ask you to enter your 12-digit credit card number, which you will get on your Kohl’s credit card
  • Next, put the security phrase from the image on the page. 
  • Click the green Submit box. 
  • Done, it is now completed and you can access account information.

After completing these steps, your MyKohlsCard Registration process will be completed.

How To Reset/Forgot Username Using mykohlscard account online?

You need to know your username or may have forgotten it to complete the registration process. So, to solve this problem, here are the following steps to reset your MyKohlsCard Username:

  • Go to the Kohl’s Card Official Website at www.mykohlscard com.
  • On the website, click on the forgot username option.mykohlscard forgot username
  • You will be asked to fill in the 12-digit Kohl’s credit card number.
  • Then click on continue, and you will be asked to enter the Cardholder’s last name, date of birth, and zip/postal code.
  • Next, enter the security phrase from the image on the screen.
  • Once you are done, click on the continue option. 
  • Follow the upcoming instructions to retrieve your MyKohlscard username. 

Using these steps, you can reset your account username.

How to Reset Kohl’s Credit Card Login Password?

Apart from your username, you must also add your MyKohlsCard Password.  In case you forget it, the following steps will help you reset the log-in password that is as follows:

  • To reset my kohl’s credit card password, Open your browser and visit Kohl’s Credit Card Official Website at
  • On the homepage, you can click on the forget password button.forgot kohls credit card password
  • Next, you will be asked to fill in the user address. Remember it is not your email address, and fill it in.
  • Then enter the last four digits only of your social security number (SSN).
  • Once done, press the following option to continue.
  • Then follow the instructions to reset your Kohl’s password. 

Using these steps, you can reset your MyKohlsCard login password. 

How to Apply for Kohl’s Card as a First-Time User mykohlscard com?

Do you know how to Apply for My Kohl’s card? If yes, these steps will help you apply for a new MyKohlsCard.

mykohlscard apply now

  • Visit the official My Kohl’s Charge Login website at –
  • There you will see an option of ‘Apply Now’; click on it.
  • It will redirect you to a new page. apply

  • There, enter all the essential details like:
    1. Your First and Last Name
    2. Email ID
    3. Phone Number
    4. Your Home Address – street address and Zip Code.
    5. Date of Birth
    6. Social Security
    7. Annual Income
  • For rechecking, click on the review option to see that all the details you provided are correct. 
  • After completing it, go to the continue option and complete the steps.
  • Follow the instructions and get yourself a card and account.

After you have completed the following steps, you will get your card, and you can follow the steps mentioned above to activate it. You can also learn more about it using this link.

If you are still facing any issues with the Mykohlscard login, then please check out the below youtube video

How to Activate Kohl’s Gift Card Online?

To activate your new My Kohl’s Card, sign in to the My Kohl’s Card Website or make an account. However, it is only possible through a laptop or PC, not a mobile device.
You can contact us at 800-954-0244 or show your relevant Photo ID document for verification with your Kohl’s card whenever you go for a purchase next time. You can get online instructions for activating and managing the card for more details.

How to My Kohl’s Gift Card mykohlscard account online Online?

To activate your new card, you must first sign in to the My Kohl’s Card website or create an account there. (We regret to inform you that you cannot activate your card using a mobile device)
You can also activate your card by contacting 800-954-0244 or by producing a photo ID with your Kohl’s card at your next purchase. Both of these options are available to you. You can also check the online instructions for managing your Kohl’s Credit Card account.

The Benefits and Perks of Using Kohl’s Credit Card

As we said, you can manage your Kohl’s card account through its website 24/7. The use of this card will help you get essential benefits. Some of them are listed below as follows: 

  • Check your balance sheet at any time.
  • Access your transaction history anytime.
  • Pay the bill online.
  • Send a request to increase the limit of the card.
  • Access paperless statements easily.
  • Monitor the activity and Transactions of the card.
  • Pay card bills easily,
  • You need to keep an eye on discounts and sales of kohl’s credit card payment.

Kohl’s Card Bills Benefits and Perks as MVC

Are you an MVC not getting benefits from using Kohl’s card? As an MVC, you must know about the several benefits of using an MVC card. Firstly, you can become an MVC by going and applying on the login page of

As an MVC, there are attractive Perks that come with it. For instance, you get exclusive deals, sales alerts, and a Special $15 Kohl’s Cash when you open a new account for the first time. 

  • When you fulfill the requirements for becoming an MVC, you get special coupons and sale notifications only for some members. They are a reward for your MVC status on
  • The card gives you a variable APR without any yearly fee. However, it comes with a high-interest rate and difficult-to-understand rewards program structure that only suits some shoppers. 
  • On every use of the account to buy a new item online or from a physical store, you will earn Kohl Cash to use on your next purchase.

How to Make My Kohls Credit Card Payment?

After becoming well-versed in how to use your online account, you can quickly pay bills online. But make sure that you set up your budget beforehand to handle payments. Here are the steps that can help you do it: 

  • Go to
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Go to the menu and choose the payments option.
  • If your routing number still needs to be added to the account, include it through the Manage a Bank Account page.
  • Review the payment details.
  • Choose your preferred payment amount and date.
  • Put an email address and get a confirmation email.
  • Click submit to confirm it.
  • After clicking the approve option, thank you banner will come.

These steps will have you make your payment online using your MyKohlsCard online.

How do I use Card to Pay on the App?

You can download the Kohl’s app without using the website. It will allow you to pay your bill online using your phone. So, you can download the Kohl’s app for bill payments.

Paying your Kohl’s Card Bill through the phone –

If you don’t want to use a laptop or PC, pay your Kohl’s Card Bill by calling 1-855-564-5748. 

  • Use the Mykohlscard automated phone system to help you Pay your bill over the phone.
  • Kohl’s Credit Card Phone number can be accessed 24/7. 
  • Add your bank’s routing number and account number.
  • You can talk to a representative who will complete the payment on the call.

Pay your MyKohlsCard Bill by Mail

You can pay your MyKohlsCard Bill by Mail by sending your check online to Kohl’s, PO Box 60043, City of Industry, CA 91716

How can you use Kohl’s App?

If you find it challenging to use and pay using Kohl’s app, these steps will help you find it. Here are the steps that will enable you to manage and use your account and make payments online for your purchases:

  • Navigate to the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Search for Kohl’s mobile app and install it on your device
  • Follow the sign-in procedure and add your login credentials to complete it

After completing the signing process, you can do shopping from Kohl’s online or offline with attractive officers and benefits. It will save both your time and money. Also, the card can help you get Cash, coupons, gift cards, and special coupons using a single card.

I hope you have all the details regarding the login and payment guide. If you found this article helpful, kindly share it with your friends looking for the exact details.

Use Your Kohl’s Customer Support Helpline

If you are a valuable customer of Kohl platform and you need help then you can take advantage of their customer support. You can also contact them if you have questions associated with your account mykohlscard card

  • Any Order related questions – 1-855-564-5705
  • Payment-related questions – 1-855-564-5748
  • For Corporate Gift Cards only – 800-653-1774

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

How to get Kohl’s credit card number?

To obtain your Kohl’s credit card number, you should refer to the physical card itself or check your online account. For security reasons, it is important to keep your credit card information confidential and not share it with anyone.

What bank issues Kohl’s credit card?

Kohl’s credit card is issued by Capital One. Capital One is a well-known financial institution that provides a variety of banking and credit card services.

Where is the expiration date on my Kohl’s credit card?

The expiration date on your Kohl’s credit card can be found on the front of the card, usually below the cardholder’s name. It is a two-digit number representing the month and year when the card will expire.

How to apply for a Kohl’s credit card?

To apply for a Kohl’s credit card, you can visit the Kohl’s website or go to a Kohl’s store. They have an online application process that allows you to apply for a credit card. You will need to provide your personal information and financial details as part of the application.

How to pay for my Kohl’s credit card?

To pay your Kohl’s credit card bill, you have several options. You can make a payment online through the Kohl’s website or mobile app, set up automatic payments, pay by phone, or mail your payment to the designated address. Detailed instructions and payment options will be available on your credit card statement or Kohl’s website.

How to close a Kohl’s credit card?

To close your Kohl’s credit card account, you should contact the customer service department of Capital One, the issuer of the Kohl’s credit card. They will guide you through the account closure process and provide any necessary instructions.

Where can I find my temporary Kohl’s credit card number?

If you have been issued a temporary Kohl’s credit card number, it is typically provided at the time of application or during the card activation process. You may find it on a temporary card or in the communication you received from Kohl’s or Capital One. If you are unsure, it is best to contact Kohl’s customer service for assistance.

How to cancel Kohl’s credit card?

To cancel your Kohl’s credit card, you should contact the customer service department of Capital One, the issuer of the Kohl’s credit card. They will assist you with the cancellation process and provide any necessary instructions.

Here is the end of the long article, I have tried to cover everything from registration to mykohlscard login and much more. If you still have any doubts then kindly get in touch with us.