Is MyKohlsCard Credit Card Legit ?

Imagine yourself at Kohl’s, ready to make a purchase, and the cashier asks if you want to save cash by signing up for your credit card. Sounds tempting, right? But is it worth it? That’s where we come in. In this review, we will look at Kohl’s credit card issued by Capital One. It will help you decide whether the card is right for you. From in-store rewards to various cashback, this card has some unbeatable perks – but it’s not without its downsides. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

How Does Kohls Card Work?

Attention all Kohl’s shoppers! The my kohls card is an ultimate retail charge card made exclusively for shopping at Kohl’s. So, for users who are wondering how Kohl’s card works, we’ve got it all. Unlike conventional credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American, etc., the Kohl’s card has a credit limit. Luckily, it is lower than regular credit cards. 

The credit limit varies from person to person and can range from $300 to $3,000. However, most people fall under $1000. Kohl’s card requires cardholders to pay the remaining balance every month. Although, users can carry a balance if they pay the annual percentage rate (APR). Kohl’s card doesn’t charge a yearly fee. However, there may be a returned payment fee. So, get the Kohl’s card today and enjoy exclusive discounts, savings, and perks. You can check out more details about Kohl credit card on the website

Kohls Card Advantages 

Unlike conventional cards, Kohl’s card offers extra savings opportunities throughout the year. Moreover, cardholders get unbeatable offers in the form of mailers. The offers start from 15% and go up to 30% off on the entire purchase. Moreover, users can enjoy a whopping 35% off on their first purchase. How good is that! 

However, some products are restricted, like gift cards, beauty and fragrance items, and electronics. Although, there are still opportunities to save with this excellent charge card. Users also receive an additional 15% off receiving new cards in the mail. 

As users continue to use Kohl’s cards and spend more than $600 annually, they get titled as the most valued customer (MVC). The MVCs get special offers and free shipping events. 

Members of Kohl’s cash rewards program can earn credit on purchases. Plus, users can stack rewards and additional discounts for even more significant savings. So why settle for regular deals when you can enjoy exclusive savings with Kohl’s card? 

Kohls Card Disadvantages

One of the significant limitations of the Kohl’s card is that its rewards and offers can be a bit confusing. Firstly, the special offers are valid for a limited time. Thus, users have to keep an eye on the offer expiry date. Further, the reward program is divided into two categories, Yes2You rewards and Kohl’s Cash, which makes the reward program even more confusing. These offers operate independently from the Kohl’s card. 

The Yes2You rewards earn users points for every purchase made. Further, it can be redeemed for a $5 reward. Cardholders also get a free birthday gift and opportunities to earn bonus points. Kohl’s Cash is another program that rewards users with coupons that can be redeemed on future purchases.  

However, Kohl’s Cash can’t be used for gift cards and merchandise. To make matters worse, discounts can only be piled during overlapping promotion dates. Thus, it becomes difficult to keep track of. 

Further, Kohl’s card has a significantly high APR, 24.99%. Another disadvantage of the Kohl’s card is heavy interest fees. Low minimum pending payments result in hefty interest fees. Plus, it can be costly, with charges up to $38. Lastly, the card does not offer a sign-up bonus like other cards. 

Is Kohl’s Card Legit and Reliable?

For those looking to save significant money on shopping, The Kohl’s card could be a perfect choice. As a retail store card, it provides great offers and discounts. Plus, it is a good option for users with trouble getting approved for traditional credit cards. Kohl’s also makes it a dealbreaker with their offer of a 35% discount on the first purchase. Plus, cardholders get immense rewards. It’s no wonder why so many loyal Kohl’s shoppers can’t resist the allure of this credit card.


Kohl’s credit card issued by Capital One is an excellent choice for loyal Kohl’s shoppers who want to save money on their purchases. With the familiarity of monitoring promotion dates, it’s a breeze to keep track of promo periods that come with the card. However, For users who find it challenging to keep track of various coupons, then this card may not be the best fit.

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